“I am doing this because ISS is a time and place where we come together to celebrate our common love for the neighborhood. Through these events, we get to know each other on a first name basis, build strong connections and friendships, which allow us to take on projects to maintain and improve our community. It is a source of happiness.”

- Walter Van Riel, organizer, Inner Sunset Sundays

“Our strength as a species is in the community we create.  With 85% of our “public” space in the Inner Sunset given over to vehicle traffic, the narrow sidewalks left provide scant room for us to rush past one another much less support community. ISS is an attempt to show our neighbors the joy of casual community space.”

- Chris Duderstadt, co-chair, Inner Sunset Sundays

“Everybody deserves to live in a community; to express themselves; to share and learn from their neighbors; to be around one another; and to laugh, play, and dance together. And for this to happen they need a gathering space just for people in the heart of their neighborhood. It is tremendously rewarding to be part of ISS and see these dreams become a reality.”

- Adam Greenfield, co-chair, Inner Sunset Sundays


“My husband and I just moved to the Sunset and we happened upon Inner Sunset Sundays. It was such a blast. The community celebration made us feel like we had moved to the right place. Thanks!”

- Mo Masterton, neighbor

“The people that put on the fair are my neighbors. Slowly we are getting to know each other. How cool is that?!”

- Alison Buck, neighbor

“Inner Sunset Sundays is really awesome cause we get to make stuff and play games.”

- Lucas Buck, 9 years old, neighbor

Performers and participants

“As an Inner Sunset business established for over 60 years, we must thank you for creating ISS and for inviting Star Dance Studio to participate. We have had so much fun! Our dancers are excited to perform in the casual and friendly outdoor setting. ISS is a great event, and even more special that it’s not just once a year. I hope that ISS will continue for many years to come.”

- Micky Powell, Director, Star Dance Studio

“The energy from the neighborhood makes it a blast to play ISS. We had everyone up and dancing and we play better when the audience goes crazy. It was so fun to have all of our friends, families and neighbors come out to see the kids play and the vibe in the street was rockin’. Count us in again this year. Thanks ISS!”

- Sheri Evans, SF Rock Project

“The Inner Sunset Sunday events have been fun for our staff and volunteers, and we look forward to participating in future events.”

Bing F. Quock, Assistant Director, Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences


“We had an excellent day at the Inner Sunset Sunday Streets December event. We sold several window paintings and met some very cool folks. It was really great to be there to enjoy the sunshine, hear the music, watch the kids play, and connect with the peeps who live in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. Much thanks to the ISS for having us again this year.  We’ll see you in 2013 for another fun Sunday in the Inner Sunset.”

- Duke the Window Painter

“Inner Sunset Sundays is a great way to get to know many other local businesses and organizations. Our staff had a great day interacting with so many different and diverse people. Thanks again for inviting us.”

- Rich Moscardini, Branch Manager, San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Inner Sunset Sundays has been such a successful and fun event for us! It’s been really great to connect with the neighborhood and it’s such a friendly atmosphere. Thanks again for having us and looking forward to another great year!

- Jamai Lowell, Animal Instincts Apparel


“First Republic Bank is proud to support our local community and its grassroots events, such as Inner Sunset Sundays. The Inner Sunset is a vibrant neighborhood that gets to showcase itself with these types of events and they are an asset to our great city. I am a native San Franciscan and grew up on 9th Avenue so I completely understand the importance of these events and the need to support them. Inner Sunset Sundays is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family and friends, so I encourage everyone to come out to one of the events.”

- Anthony Cuadro, PBO Manager, First Republic Bank

“We were really happy with our partnership and participation at last year’s Inner Sunset Sundays, and we would love to participate again this year.”

- Courtney Derby, Business Development Officer, San Francisco Federal Credit Union