IMG_4053Inner Sunset Sundays (ISS) is looking for unique and local vendors but we also want booths to be interactive and memorable. When reviewing booth applications, ISS organizers look for how willing you are to make your booth special.

Here are some ideas:

Offer an interactive activity

You could offer something such as painting or drawing, musical instruments, bubble-blowing, and so on.

Be entertaining for children

Even if your booth isn’t explicitly child-focused you can draw in kids (and their parents!) with something fun.

Share interesting information

Show some behind-the-scenes photos of your product being made, some of the people involved with you organization, or some other interesting information.

Wear a name tag

People love to know your name.

Decorate your booth

If your goods, services, or information aren’t particularly visual, decorate your booth, add carpet and wall hangings, etc. to make it look more interesting.

Wear a costume or eye-catching clothes

We will be!

What we DON’T (generally) accept

  • A booth just handing out paper
  • Someone who will sit there looking glum

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